Los Angeles’ New Beat Fund is a west coast alternative band comprised of brothers Jeffrey & Paul Laliberte and Shelby Archer. With the trio writing, producing, and performing all of the tracks, their unpredictably unique take on pop music is charactistic in every one of their songs. A D.I.Y. aesthetic is an inherent part of everything the band creates, and like the band name, New Beat fund, their music is meant to be a direct exchange between artist and listener. “Music is therapeutic for us, we want our songs to be a relief from the daily grind we all go through every day.”

In 2012 the band released it’s debut single “Scare Me” accompanied by a self produced video that would go viral. After gaining attention they landed an opening tour slot for Blink 182 that would expand their fanbase the following year. With some substantial touring under their belt, they recorded their debut album “Sponge Fingerz” which produced the somber dream-pop sing along “It’s Cool” and a grungy cover of Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type” that would secure the band national radio airplay, worldwide playlists, and major festivals across the US.   

“Chillanthropy Pt. 1” the band’s forthcoming EP —the first of a three part series— is a swirling collection of hip hop infused alt. rock that uniquely defines what it is to be a band in the modern musical landscape. On their debut single “Surf Style,” New Beat Fund channel their creative energy into a summer anthem about experiencing life in the moment and maintaining a positive outlook. With it’s raw energy and beachy hip hop-bounce, the track unfolds into dreamy guitars riffs, heavy bass lines, and soulful vocals that slip from laidback back daydreams to anthemic croons. (Sample lyric: “Experiencing all of it and always keep it positive”).

“The song is meant to make u feel free, like you’re driving a convertible down the PCH with your best friends and your overwhelmed with that feeling that anything is possible, and life is beautiful.”

From the melancholy alt rock of “When She’s Sober“—written on tour after overhearing a phone conversation on the street— to the hypnotic groove of “Cool Girl“—which features friends and fellow producers The Driver Era, and lends a vocal from actor/singer Ross Lynch— the band relies on theirs instincts and purposely blurs genres to create a sound that is undeniably New Beat Fund.

“Music is just another expression, some days are happy and some aren’t, so what we write is really just a documentation of those highs and lows. 

Along with the releases of Chillanthropy Pt. 2 & 3, they are continuing to work on a collection of videos and artworks, as well as musical collaborations with artists from all different genres. “We have a lot of collaborations in the works, a few may catch you by surprise.” Says Paul, “but it’s important to us that we continue to push ourselves and explore beyond our limitations musically.” And when they’re not actively creating, the three of them are often riding around LA, listening back to mixes, experimenting with other creative mediums, or hanging by the beach with friends and taking time to enjoy the moment.